Welcome to TRIO!

Welcome to TRIO, and to the IATP Family! As you start on your new journey, we hope you are prepared to impact student lives throughout your state and lead them toward prosperity and their educational goals. Please take a moment and explore this welcome information to help you become accustomed to TRIO, IATP, and COE. 

This organization is not run by one person, but by multiple TRIO Professionals much like  yourself. We understand you are still new to this wonderful organization and might not know  where to start. On that note, to make the most of your TRIO experience we encourage you to attend your state and regional conferences, volunteer for a committee, make sure you are on the listserv to receive up to date information, look at finding a mentor through a seasoned TRIO member to help you navigate IATP and TRIO. We also recommend participating at your state and regional newcomers’ sessions to meet  other new TRIO members to expand your network and TRIO knowledge the next time the conference rolls around.

Important Information for IATP Newcomers

Below please find some important information for anyone who is new to TRIO. Here you will learn about IATP, the history of TRIO, how to get involved, and how to connect with your fellow TRIO peers.

Get Connected with your fellow Idaho TRIO Peers: 

  • Join the IATP listserv! This will keep you update on what is happening around the state
  • Join the IATP Discord server! For a more casual way to connect with colleagues, join the IATP Discord server. Here you can chat with IATP members across the state, have a quick video call, share stories and information, or post a few photos.

Learn about the Idaho Association of TRIO Professionals (IATP): 

Learn about TRIO: 

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