Wolfpack Curriculum


Wolfpack (Young Readers Edition) by Abby Wombach

Curriculum by Megan Simila

Abby Wamback rose to fame as the leading scorer for the American Soccer Team that won two gold medals. However, she stayed in the spotlight because of her leadership and advocacy for equality and inclusion. Wolfpack (Young Reader Edition) is a book that explains the eight rules she lives by that have led to her success. This curriculum guide includes those rules and supplemental videos that show examples of those rules in other people, such as poet Amanda Gorman. It also includes a student handout that can be used in discussions or as a guide when reading the book. With purchase, we will email you the PDF file for use in your grant but request you do not share the file between programs. In the words of Abby Womback, we hope this book will help young people find their voice, unite their pack, and change the world.

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