• Boise State SSS Students Attending New Student Orientation Day
    Boise State SSS Students Attending New Student Orientation Day
  • UB Students at Capitol
    Upward Bound Students at the Capitol
  • UB Students at Anne Frank Memorial
    Upward Bound Students at the Anne Frank Memorial in Boise

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An Atmosphere for Space Education

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Space Camp Grads

Space Camp Grads

Outer space can feel like a giant leap for a kid who has never even traveled across the country.

But for a group of North Idaho high school students, two Upward Bound programs run by the University of Idaho have put the stars within reach.

Over the past two summers, about 40 students experienced simulated space flight and zero gravity at NASA’s Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama — the culmination of a curriculum meant to spark their interest in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.

The summer curriculum geared toward soon-to-be first-generation college students was “by far the best one we’ve ever done,” said Arielle Horan, director of UI’s Silver Valley Upward Bound program.

The Upward Bound project is one of seven federally funded TRIO projects that are operated by the UI College of Education as a means to provide educational opportunities for all Americans regardless of race, ethnic background or economic status. The space-themed program began in summer 2015. A group of students from Kellogg and Wallace spent time at UI’s Moscow campus and North Idaho College in Coeur d’Alene to study sociology, science, literature and foreign language, all with a space emphasis. The success of the curriculum spawned its adoption by another Upward Bound program, Bridge Idaho, in 2016.

INL Hosts STEM Event for Underserved Students

Editor’s note: The story has been updated to correct the attribution of two quotes from Ramiro Diaz to Eric Olvera.


Students at INL Stem Event

Olive Mbulambo-Shamakwete, a 22-year-old college mentor from Boise State University.

Three buses carrying nearly 100 students from all over the state arrived Friday morning at the Idaho National Laboratory to start the first INL Multicultural Leaders in STEM event.

INL K-12 STEM partnered with TRiO on the event in an effort to reach out to minority, underserved and potential first-generation college students from 30 high schools throughout the state.

A goal of the event, according to an INL news release, was to break down stereotypes about science, technology, engineering and math careers, and connect the students with opportunities, role models and mentors to instill a passion for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects.

First Generation Student Heads to Law School

Jenny Gallegos

Jenny Gallegos – University of Idaho College of Law

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First generation student, Jenny Gallegos, faced an uphill battle to earn her education but now she is attending University of Idaho College of Law

Jenny Gallegos never expected to go to law school.

Or, for that matter, graduate from high school.

The youngest of six children and daughter of Mexican immigrants, Gallegos faced an uphill battle to earn her education from an early age.“

I remember being very little — 6, maybe 7 years old — and writing things over and over so it would stick,” said Gallegos, whose own parents had quit school after the fourth grade.

TRIO Alum Becomes an Attorney

Photo of Yvonne Franco Perez

Yvonne Franco Perez became, an ETS alum, became an attorney in January 2016

Yvonne Franco Perez, a former ETS student from American Falls High School, overcame many obstacles to become an attorney. Her success story shows that TRIO works!

It is official, I took the oath and pledge and I am now an attorney. Thank you for all of your support. You have been with me throughout my entire journey and I truly appreciate it!

Tony Lemos: Pearl Hill Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Photo of Tony Lemos

Tony Lemos: Pearl Hill Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Tony Lemos, a 2015 graduate of Aberdeen High School, and a three year participant of Idaho State University’s TRiO Upward Bound program; was awarded The Pearl Hill Memorial Scholarship for the 2015-2016 school year. The Pearl Hill Memorial Scholarship is a regional scholarship that includes the states of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. This scholarship is awarded to two candidates each year who demonstrate outstanding leadership ability, civic involvement, and commitment to higher education.

During Tony’s high school career he has shown himself to be a phenomenal student, with a long list of