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Photo of University of Idaho ETS student Anthony Juarez

University of Idaho | Educational Talent Search 

TRIO helped me gain the confidence that college was a possibility for me. When I started high school in 2019, I was thinking heavily about my future plans after graduation. I contemplated my options and looked into jobs available in my community. A lot of the jobs were agricultural and factory jobs, but I did not see myself doing that as a long term career. So I decided to look into colleges. During my senior year, I went to an event called the Vandal Challenge hosted by the University of Idaho, which opened my eyes to the possibility of attending a 4-year institution.

At the time, I was confused and wanted to know more about college and scholarships. So, I walked into my counseling office and met this amazing TRIO advisor named Jaime. Jaime helped me with every question I had, whether it was about colleges, FAFSA, applying for scholarships, or applying for the CAMP Program. My TRIO advisor made themselves available to answer any questions I had, even when it was a day that they were not at my high school. Jaime was also there for me in my personal life when I had self doubt about moving away for college and being away from my family.

TRIO has been life changing for me and my future. I cannot stress enough how much TRIO has helped me with gaining the confidence I needed in my academic journey and helping me shake off the jitters of starting college and being away from my family. As of Fall 2023, I am a proud Vandal at the University of Idaho. Thank you, TRIO! Your work is amazing. TRIO Works!