Boise State Upward Bound 2022 Digital YearbookFebruary 1, 2023February 3, 2023hillaryobrien
Boise State summer program 2022 image, black background with different colored hand drawn flowers

During the Exploration class of the Boise State TRIO Upward Bound Summer Program, students put together a yearbook to capture their amazing experiences. This is the final product of the student driven project. Seven students took charge of taking and selecting photos of the many summer events, creating the overall design, and exercised their graphic art skills as they built each individual page of the yearbook. Yearbooks created help to celebrate the learning, the fun, and the friendships of each TRIO UB Summer Program, and continue to keep memories alive for years to come.

Check out the Boise State Upward Bound 2022 Digital Yearbook here!