Jamie TeedMarch 26, 2021March 26, 2021hillaryobrien
TRIO UBMS Student Jaime Teed

University of Idaho | Upward Bound Math-Science

TRIO has been an inspiration since the day I joined as a sophomore in high school. It started to prepare me for college, but it turned into something so much more than that. During my time in the program, I have learned about careers and STEM opportunities that would have never been available to me. I had the privilege of going to the Women in Engineering event that gave me a unique perspective on the engineering world. I also was accepted to many exceptional college institutes because of their fantastic encouragement. However, the most incredible part of my experience was the Rover Observation And Drone Survey (ROADS) on Mars challenge. As the team leader, I became more confident and motivated to go above and beyond the ordinary. It was because of their guidance, advice, and selflessness that we were successful. As a result, our team scored in the top four teams in the entire country and a story in our local newspaper. This program has given me a great stepping stone into science and leadership. I can finally discover my dream of going to NASA and creating a career I know I can be proud of. I owe TRIO a deep, sincere thank you for everything they have done for the other organization members and me. They have truly changed my life.

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