Deborah CrisostomoMarch 19, 2021March 19, 2021hillaryobrien
Upward Bound Math Science student Deborah Crisostomo

University of Idaho | Upward Bound Math-Science

When I moved to the mainland from Guam, one word that I knew, but perhaps didn’t truly understand, was the word “Opportunity.” However, I found that opportunity remained ambiguous despite finding myself in a location where possibility should have been abundant everywhere.

It was not until ninth grade that I found a means to achieve my goal of attending college. STEM Upward Bound visited my local junior high and urged students to apply on the behalf of their future benefit. I wasn’t entirely certain what the program entailed, but reluctantly, I applied anyway.

In doing so, I gained more than I could have possibly imagined. Of all the advantages, my favorite is career exploration. While participating in STEM Upward Bound, I have managed to inspect various scientific disciplines and develop those that interest me most. Specifically, I was allowed to attend a drone conference and undergo a brief online course on Virtual Reality and Computer Programming. With these experiences, I have solidified my desire to pursue higher education in Computer Science and will be exploring multiple outlets at the collegiate level in the coming fall.

Through the program, I have come to not only know, but fully experience the epitome of “opportunity” that otherwise would not have been obtainable. I can rest assured that my future lies in stability and promise.