Aaron StahlmanMarch 19, 2021March 19, 2021hillaryobrien
Aaron Stahlman, Idaho State University, Upward Bound Program

Idaho State University | TRIO Upward Bound Program

My time in Upward Bound has been life changing, it gave me a chance to get a jump start on my future that I never thought was possible. I am currently enrolled at ISU and am thankful to Upward Bound for helping me make my decision for post-secondary education clear. This program is now a part of me and has completely changed my life forever. I decided to give back to the program and work as a tutor/mentor during the summers. Knowing that I am helping over hundreds of students is a phenomenal feeling. I hope to one day change to life of an Upward Bound student just as Upward Bound and its staff has changed mine.